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MediaShow is a software application that uses a button-box interface to trigger the display of various media file types in a display window. It was developed for portable planetariums but has a large feature-set and can be used in a variety of settings. It comes in 3 versions:

  • MediaShow Pro – full windowed application best used in setups with 2 video outputs, with access to all media presets and playback controls
  • MediaShow-Mirror – 1600px strip control window locked to the display top for use with single display and mirror projection setups, limited access to playback presets and controls
  • MediaShow-Mirror-1024 – similar to Mirror but only 1024px wide for smaller display setups

MediaShow is a digital download available for a FREE 30 day trial. You are purchasing the UNLOCK CODE to enable the software to run beyond the trial period.

MediaShow is the ONLY planetarium software that allows closed-captioning on demand!


  • full instruction manual
  • support for images, image sequences, QuickTime, and MPEG movies
  • time image sequences to linked audio
  • buttons can launch external applications
  • 100 buttons per buttonset
  • keyboard shortcuts for playback control
  • support for dual monitor setups
  • full control of size and location of display window
  • frame level control of video
  • rotate and resize images


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