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Space Update is an interactive, real-time display system of space science images and data. The program displays hundreds of images and movies of the best of space science research, with web links to find out more information. You can update the software to show “today’s data” by downloading the latest images free from the internet to keep your software up-to-date. Each of the submodules, even the included Tic·Tac·Toe knowledge game, can run separately, resulting in 5 separate kiosks if desired. Full-screen versions without support files, are available for download but require a registration number after a 30-day demo period.

Update the software to truly show “today’s data” by downloading today’s images free from the internet to keep your software up-to-date, even if it is in use! This powerful software suite is available for purchase as a single DVD which includes both Mac and Windows versions.


DVD (+£15.42), Fullscreen (+£27.01), DVD (teacher discount) (+£4.64), Digital Download (+£10.01), Upgrade disk for registered users (+£3.86)


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