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The Great Planet Adventures


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Off-World Thrills on Every Planet

With muscles and bones made on Earth, you’ll be a super star on the solar system’s low-gravity worlds. Imagine zip lining on the scorched Mercury or snowmobiling when it really snows on Pluto. Bungee jumping into outer space from an asteroid is like low-g diving from the tallest cliff or rappelling into deepest canyon in the solar system. Without gravity’s strong pull, you can glide over the hydrocarbon lakes of Titan, jet-pack in a geyser’s spray on Triton, or even drive a monster truck along a steep lunar crater wall. The Great Planet Adventures brings you each of these incredible off-world adventures.

Includes 2 free immersive fulldome games: Monster Trucks On The Moon, where you can try to drive down Shackleton Crater without losing your load, and Mars Flyer, where you can fly a jet-assisted plane on Mars.

Available as:
DVD for personal or classroom use
Portable planetarium license
2K frames or movie
3K frames or movie
4K frames or movie

For portable domes, there are many formats available (fisheye to truncated fisheye to prewarped for playback in a mirror or fisheye projection system) – all at the same pricing. We will contact you for the appropriate format before sending the show. 1920×1920 systems must use the 2K rate.


24 min


general audiences, Years 3-13


space exploration




DVD (+£7.74), Portable Planetarium License (+£2,710.24), 2k (50yr) (+£3,48459), 3k (50yr) (+£5,420.47), 4k (50yr) (+£8,130.71)


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